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We understand the time limitations of working professionals and hence our E-infrastructure has been designed in such a way that provides completely uninterrupted learning from anywhere anytime.

We arrange 2 hours’ live webinar once a week for interactive learning which students can avail from anywhere. 

Students get access to LMS (Learning Management System) which is easy to browse through desktop, laptop, or mobile. In case students miss attaining live sessions he/she can attain downloadable recorded lectures. the flexible features of Ken Institute and mobile learning gives 24/7 access to online learning and 100% downloadable copyrighted materials such as  recorded sessions, extended notes, weekly quizzes, weekly discussion forum, PPT, Case studies, etc.

For appearing in the assessment process students get the option of “Online Examination” with the facility of selecting flexible hours and dates.

Ken Institute is highly committed to providing a completely flexible and professional-oriented learning platform for higher education.

KEN Institute is neither a university or a college. Ken institute is an independent body which is being granted permission to autonomously award certificates. Example of few such autonomous institutes which are not a university or a college under any university is IIM – Indian Institute of Management, IIT – Indian Institute of Technology and NIT – National Institute of Technology.

As per the statutory compliances only regular universities are authorized to issue degrees. The autonomous institutes like Ken Institute are being granted permission to autonomously award certificates through online mode.

Only certified faculties from the UK are designing, delivering, and evaluating the courses. The highly reputed professionals with more than half a decade of work experience are the designers and tutors in Ken Institute. 

To know more about the profile of course designers and faculties please go through their introduction videos which are available on the website – www.keneducation.in

The education which Ken Institute provides doesn’t involve the traditional methods of study such as mugging up theories. The learning elements involve live sessions which can be attained through mobile or laptop if time permits. While staying offshore students can download the recording of the live sessions and extra notes to study during the time of no internet access.

Weekly learning cycle involves elements like discussion forum, case study, Knowledge forum, weekly quizzes and weekly assignments that can be accessed anytime anywhere.

If time permits students can actively participate in forums or else can enjoy the inputs shared by the faculties on a day-to-day basis.

Fast Track Duration doesn’t mean a “Back Dated Certificate” it simply means – Eliminating the duration of practical learning and covering theoretical learning in short duration.


“Fast Track” is a feature that can be avail as per student’s convenience. If students want, they can complete the course in Fast Track Duration if students want to stick to the standard duration they can. There is no compulsion on availing Fast Track Feature.

Please note Ken Institute doesn’t perform/appreciate/encourage any unethical/illegal practices such as issuing a backdated certificate or issuing certificates without examination. We are a trusted brand and help in shaping the future of working professionals by means of genuine education.

Ken Institute is an independent institute and not a centre of any other University/College/institute. The way students cannot pursue education from one institute and expect a certificate from another institute in a similar way Ken Institute cannot assure whether on the basis of Ken’s certificates any third institute will issue membership or not. Issuing membership depends upon the protocols specific institutes’ follow for an example – pri-examination before issuing the membership, project submission, interviews, etc. which individual has to take care by themselves. 

Please note Ken Institute has many such students who got eligible for many international memberships on the basis of Ken’s certificate by clearing the examinations and necessary formalities.

In Ken Institute we take candidates’ trust concern very seriously and we do not allow any candidate to enroll until he/she gets 100% confidence in Ken’s process of delivering quality services.

To solve candidates’ trust issues, Ken Institute has come up with a very unique and pioneer process of allotting “1-week access to complete learning process by registering not-enrolled candidates in ongoing batches” so that candidates can personally experience and witness the entire learning process before enrolling.

More than 90% students of Ken Institute have written the testimonials showing their faith and appreciating the committed delivery about the learning process of Ken Institute which are available on website www.keneducation.in

Every company prefers to enlist criteria for recruitment/promotion so that assured skilled candidates can be hired. Major criteria involve experience and education specifications. None of the organizations can pre-hand commit any job or promotion only on the basis of any qualification. Every HR must have to evaluate the qualification, skill set requirements, competency, Experience, and other related parameters by following the common process of interview.

Companies always ask for “Course Titles” eg – PG, Masters, Level 6, International Diploma, Graduation, etc. and not for any specific institute.

Certain institutes are now becoming a synonym for UK standard qualifications and hence for easy understanding of candidates recruiters prefer to name the institute instead of the qualification level, it doesn’t mean that if candidates earn the required level of qualification from any other institute it can’t be considered.

Candidates can have an open discussion with the recruiter to understand what qualification title exactly the position demands and whether it is ok to get the same qualification from any other authentic institute.

 Even though the fee structure of Ken Institute is extremely economical in comparison to any other international institute, Ken Institute provides up to 75% scholarship on 80% courses. The percentage of the scholarship depends upon the past academic credentials and relevant work experience of the candidate.

An installment provision helps learners to clear their dues in small portions every month without any additional charges.

We proudly say that Ken Institute provides 100% free education to physically challenged candidates.

The final certificate issuing body will be Ken Institute of Executive Learning.

Ken Institute of Executive learning is a registered institute under the state of Telangana with CIN Number: U80902TG2019PTC129830. Ken Institute is a member of IEI (Institute of Engineers India). All UK standard courses of Ken Institute are being audited and evaluated by 2 major bodies of UK i.e British Safety Council and RoSPA (Royal Society for Prevention of Accident, UK) and provided with the membership. Ken Institute is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified body via United Accreditation Foundation. Ken Institute has also cleared the ISO audit of series 45001:2018 by RICL. Ken Institute is awarded as an “Excellence in Education 2020” by Indian Achieves Forum. In Ken Institute 24 different nationalities students are studying from 32 different countries and getting recognized for their career progression in all over the world. Certificates of Ken Institute are well considered for Embassy attestation, to earn credit points, to get international memberships, to get a working visa, and various similar purposes.

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Ken Institute has an HO in Hyderabad, Telangana (India). The representatives and Channel associates of Ken Institute are available in 23 different countries which includes the Middle East (Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc), European countries, African countries, and Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka, etc.)

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Only certified faculties from the UK are designing, delivering, and evaluating the courses. The highly reputed professionals with more than half a decade of work experience are the designers and tutors in Ken Institute. 

To know more about the profile of course designers and faculties please go through their introduction videos which are available on the website – www.keneducation.in

 It is very tough for working professionals to quit the job and go for regular studies to earn a university degree, it is equally challenging for them to wait for long years to earn a regular degree. 

Working professional’s aim to earn higher qualifications for various purposes such as – for career progression, to earn working visas, to earn credit points, to enroll for further higher qualifications, or to get international membership. The certificate which Ken Institute issues after the course completion plays a vital role in all the mentioned purposes. 

Ken Institute provides an utmost flexible platform and complete E-infrastructure which helps professionals to complete higher education at any time and from anywhere in the world in no time, which is not a case when it comes to degree education through university. Students have to compulsorily give 80% classroom attendance, must have to study for 4 years, and must remain present for centre-based examination on a given date and given time when it comes to university education.  

Be it office canteen, be it offshore, be it midnight hours, be it while traveling students can experience uninterrupted learning with Ken Institute.

Professionals don’t have the liberty to devote 3 to 4 years and long learning hours to earn higher education due to the limitations of social responsibilities, time availability, and higher qualification requirements for all upcoming opportunities. Ken Institute students can complete 3 to 4 years courses within 12 months of time with the help of “Fast Track Feature”. Please mind we don’t take shortcuts but as per international standards cover all the required learning hours with the help of a weekly online learning cycle. In the Fast Track learning process, we eliminate the time duration required for practical learning by strictly providing education to experienced and practically learned candidates. We cover all theoretical learning with the help of live and recorded sessions and incorporate elements like a case study, discussion forum, knowledge forum for practical learning. To evaluate the learning on a weekly basis we share quiz questions and assignments.

With the help of this unique blended learning process students can complete his/her higher education in less time.

In the world, Ken Institute is the only platform where students get placement facility from the date of enrolment. During a complete course tenure, students come across all jobs opening from all around the world. Ken institute has a placement forum where every week more than 25+ job openings from different countries are published. Students can apply for suitable openings with the help of Ken’s team.

Verifying education documents of candidates for providing career opportunities is a common practice nowadays. To facilitate HR fraternity / educational bodies / Govt. Bodies who want to cross verify the authenticity of any student’s certificate have a very easy and unique 2 step process.

Step 1 – Scan the barcode provided on the certificate of the student and it will land you on the “Certificate Verification” page of the website. 

Step 2 – Enter the student’s details and click the submit button. 

After submitting the required details the verifier will receive an auto-email having details of complete education journey of the student such as date of enrollment, Live session attendance, scores, examination papers, LMS (Learning Management System) access history along with the final remark as “Certificate Verified / Not Verified”.

Though there are crores of universities and Institute’s certificates are valid in the world yet it is practically not possible for any higher education bodies to list down the name of all authenticate education providers hence as per the rules every university or educational bodies list the name of only few top colleges or universities in the world and provides the option of “OTHERS” at the last. Students can select the “OTHERS” category and upload the documents and information about Ken Institute if the name of Ken Institute is not appearing in the list. 

The same process is applicable to online job application forms in companies.

It is very natural for working professionals to have exam fear due to a long gap in the study but when it is about Ken Institute candidates need not to worry as Ken Institute focuses more on day-to-day learning, unlike other institutes who focus on the final examination only. With the help of our concrete learning process and weekly cycle, we prepare students for the examination so that none of them should have any examination fear. 

Our students get the provision of accessing model question papers, give preparatory exams, access to individual interaction with faculties, and an exclusive live session on “How to prepare for exams“ prior to final examinations which makes the learners ready for final assessment.

Due to this concentric learning-oriented process Ken Institute’s passing ration is 92%.

Registered students receive 6 different contact numbers, and email id’s for communication when it comes to post-service. These contacts belong to admin representatives for the live session, study materials, Job applications, LMS guidance, Exam assistance, Forums in charges, and Attestation support Dept.    

24/7 representatives are available to assist students. None of our students can ever go unattended.

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