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E-Infrastructure of Ken Institute is the key enabler for the informative and knowledgeable society of professionals from all around the world. Know more about the “Online – Weekly Learning Cycle” of Ken Institute.

Know Your Learning Cycle

Day 1

Online Live and Interactive Webinar

Learn 2 hours online from the certified corporate faculties along with the students from 43 different nationalities and from 36 different countries. Interact with everyone for a better learning experience and to get on-spot answers to your concerns.

Day 2

Online Discussion Forum

All students in the batch get an equal opportunity to share their knowledge during the forum. Students can express their opinions on the topic presented by the professor. The conversation is broadcast live on the LMS for two days, after which faculty concludes it. Students can also propose a topic for discussion (for example, they can share challenges they are encountering at work in order to find a solution through discussion with like-minded classmates). Can start a discussion about new technologies and trends in the safety industry, for example).

Day 3

Online Knowledge Forum

Today’s most successful individuals, teams, businesses, and professionals have one thing in common: they know how to transform individual ideas into collective knowledge. In Ken Institute to all learners, we collaboratively call “Knowledge Building Community”. Every individual contributes to a growing body of information through this forum. This forum is mainly designed to support the process of knowledge building coming from individuals’ work experience. In the Knowledge Forum, anyone can share images, videos, books, guidelines, write-ups, signboards, etc. subject to the HSE field.

Day 4

Online Case Study Forum

Workplace safety is a very crucial issue in the HSE field. The various horrendous tragedies that should never have taken place, toll innumerable non-recoverable losses and fatalities. It is the need of the day that safety personnel have to study them thoroughly, learn what steps are missing and what mistakes have done. This Case Study Forum is mainly designed to share information about various incidents to be updated about what to do or not to do in case of emergency and to improve the Safety Procedures accordingly.

Day 5

Online Weekly Assignment

When it comes to learning, assignments are very important. Faculties are allocating weekly assignments to assist the learners in self-study and clear their concepts or ambiguities regarding the live session which learners had attended. The main advantages and functions of weekly assignments are – It facilitates students to enhance the knowledge of a topic beyond live classes. It helps students to develop their understanding of the taught topics. It is one of the proactive approaches to prepare for exams. It gives a widened scope of improvement. Students research traits are also enhanced related to the subject matter. Students analytical abilities or cognitive abilities are also enhanced. Solving assignments will always drive students the extra mile in an attempt to ensure knowledge and understanding.

Day 6

Online Job Posting forum

Working professionals from the technical field often work on projects with different companies. Few projects last till a good number of years where are few projects get completed in 4 to 6 months of time. It is a need for growth to keep exploring new career opportunities with better facilities, designations, and packages. With the help of Job forum, students can explore more than 20+ job openings from all around the world every week. Students can easily apply for the openings with the help of Ken Institute’s placement team.

Day 7

Online Quiz Exercise

It is highly important and essential to evaluate the learning by taking necessary assessment exercises. With the help of weekly quiz exercise students can check and confirm their understanding of the topic which they have studied in a live interactive session. Faculty remain available to assist further through email or tele call in case any student faces any concern related to the topic.

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