Unsuspected fire at the workplace may lead to multiple fatalities, property loss, legal complications, fines & imprisonment. “Fire Safety Training” for employees is one of the best investments for each and every organization. Fire safety training educates a set of practices & procedures to eliminate the damage caused by fire incidents. The skill & knowledge acquired through these trainings equip the employees, to combat fire in any unanticipated, catastrophic fire breakout. 

The best way to put out a fire is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Fire safety training classes teach your employees how to recognize fire hazards so they can make the building a safer place to work. Getting rid of these fire hazards and teaching employees to recognize them will help make your commercial building a safer place to work.

Training Objective

  • The principle objective of the training is to provide proficiency in accessing the workplace hazards and effectively handle the fire control / preventive mechanism. 
  • Fire safety training offers expertise in theoretical knowledge & hands-on experience in handling various firefighting equipment.
  • It helps to understand the organizational level of preparedness in dealing with emergencies

Learning Outcomes of Fire Safety training

  • Realize the methodologies involved in fire formation 
  • Discuss the classification & causes of fire at the workplace
  • Discuss the importance of various fire control mechanisms
  • Outline the factors involved in the prevention of fire
  • Familiarize with workplace Inspection & reporting procedures
  • Describes various fire safety devices & their working mechanisms
  • Details the essential requirements of the emergency evacuation plan
  • Recognize the different types of fire extinguisher & their usage

The Fire Safety Training is relevant for:

  • Fire Technicians
  • Fire Warden
  • Fire Marshal
  • Safety Officer
  • Emergency Response & Rescue Personnel
  • Health & Safety committee members
  • Any employees who are interested can partake, no prior knowledge is required

Five Key Steps to Workplace Fire Safety Training

  1. Teach prevention by recognizing fire hazards. Prevention is the first step in fire safety.
  2. Train employees on fire response.
  3. Develop comprehensive evacuation plans.
  4. Perform regular fire drills. 
  5. Test and maintain fire safety equipment.

Simple Steps for Training Your Employees in Fire Safety

  • Understanding the Fire Triangle.

  • Discovering a fire (alarm and assembly points).
  • Types of fires. 
  • Types of extinguishing agents. 
  • Identification of which fire extinguisher to use for which fire. 
  • How to use a fire extinguisher.
  • People with disabilities.

Benefits of the Training

  • Helps to identify & address the fire hazards
  • Minimize the consequences of any fire-related incident /accident
  • Enable to fulfill the legal requirement
  • Reduce loss of lives in the event of a fire
  • Educate to eradicate fire & prevent its recurrence
  • Aids to create an efficient emergency response plan
  • Create confidence to deal with emergencies
  • Teaches Employees to Take Action- employees learn how to take action when they detect the warning signs of a fire.
  • Empowers your employees so they know what steps to take in the event of an industrial fire.
  • Train employees how to use fire extinguishers, to activate the fire alarms and about the emergency evacuation process.

Assessment of the Fire Safety Training

  • Delegates are assessed through multiple-choice questionnaire
  • Assesses Fire Safety Risk- During training, a fire protection contractor will evaluate your company’s fire safety risk
  • A fire safety risk assessment will help you realize what areas of your company need improvement for fire prevention and safety.

The Fire Safety Training equips your people with 4 Fundamental Fire Safety Principles that can be consistently applied internationally for preventing fire events and managing their impact i.e. :

  • Prevention
  • Detection and Communication
  • Occupant Protection
  • Containment and Extinguishment 

To ensure the safety of your people and to avoid fire stay aware of fire safety measures & follow safety protocols.

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