The Covid-19 Pandemic has created an absolute environment of anxiety for health as well as For Survival In Jobs. Millions of people lost their job in last 3 months and all people are worried about their job during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The world ever has not experienced a crisis like the Corona Virus breakdown. It has infected people from 185 countries, causing millions of deaths. It forced Governments to enforcement for lockdowns and to urge citizens to stay at home for their safety.

The lockdowns are lasting much longer than expectations. This leads to an end of a decade of dilation for the world economies. The GDPs of nearly all the countries strike down significantly either of advanced or developing economies.




Risk of Recession:

    • According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund, UN), the Global Economy shrinks by 3% in the first quarter of this year (2020). This condition is worse than that of the Great Depression of the 1930s.
    • The strict lockdown and great decrease in demands bring major industrial production chains to halt.
    • Until March’20, it seemed that the Global Market was achieving some stability but the conditions were revulsive until the pandemic concerted.
    • Worldwide more than 436 Million enterprises would have to face a high risk of laceration.
    • There is a risk of Severe Recession. It might take decades to recuperate from its consequences.



Fall In Stock Market:

  • There is a big shift in the stock market after December 31st, 2019.
  • The Stock Market Index (DOW) had shown the biggest quarterly drops.
  • Central Banks reduced interest rates to its minimum up to now.
  • The above conditions made the investors fear that Corona Virus decimate economic growth and Government measures are not competent to recover the relapses.



  • A brutal reality is that the COVID -19 pandemic hit nearly half of the global workforce in the immediate risk of losing their livelihood.
  • The lockdowns imposed a shattering effect on workers in the informal economies and on 100s of millions of enterprises.
  • In the second quarter of this year (2020), lockdowns are over or loosen in many countries, the hope sprouts for better conditions of employment. But the current situation is growing significantly worse than that of estimated.
  • Over the last 6 weeks, unemployment claims rocketed to 100s of millions in many countries.
  • Companies are reopening but with economic losses and restrictions such as limited working hours, safe working practices for COVID-19 infection, etc.
  • These restrictions wreak havoc on employees. Lots of them lost their jobs. Some are sent to unpaid leaves. Others have to work for a short duration with cutting wages.



  • A 3% shrink in the Global Economy will hit a record high unemployment.
  • In the first quarter of 2020, 6.7 % (195 Million) of drop in full time (48 hours/ week) jobs were estimated but in reality, it goes high to 10.5% (305 Million).
  • Considering severe uncertainty due to the Pandemic about duration and intensity it is appraised that the level of GDPs and unemployment remains below the pre-virus trend for a long period. 
  • It might take at least 5 years to regain their pre-virus extreme status for both advanced and developing economies.

“Uncertainty about recovery is uncertain itself”

Companies are trying to secure their existence by cutting costs, by slashing salaries and sorting out more efficient, trained staff; laying off others.


How to deal with the situation

Don’t be dispirited on all the dictums or rumors and don’t quit to look forward.

Stay pertinent. Start circulating your resume proactively. 

If you have lost your employment, or have been put on hold/ on unpaid leave or put on massive salary cut, or probability of any of these, not to be panicked. The good idea is to invest your time in upgrading, reskilling your existing skill, or achieving new skills. 

This will help you Survival In Job, to stay relevant and also improve creativity. Upgrading your skill or adding new skills put on leverage to your C.V. That will help in the progression of your career growth during recent situations and forever.

Take lockdown as an opportunity to train your talent with technology. People with extra talent would be accepted quickly and considered of great value to their workplaces also able to secure their future.

How To Improve Your Skills

COVID-19 Pandemic is heading Universities and Colleges to closure around the world for an uncertain long period. Physical training is in menace due to fear of infection and maintaining Social Distance. 

The pandemic has brought about a large digital transformation.

Everybody should get themself comfortable with technology to keep polishing work field skills For Survival in a job.

Though physical training is in crisis today,  the best and easy channel is to join online distant executive training.


Online Certificate Courses are specially designed and delivered for working professionals.  

You can pursue them with a little jerk to your fingertips at your places & at your convenience.

These are fast track courses. They take months instead of years to complete.

Less expensive than university/college courses. Having affordable fee criteria with installments and scholarships for eligibility.

Training is related to the required specific area of the subject. Provides Online visual practical training.

For working professionals weekend live sessions or 24×7 assessable recorded sessions are scheduled.

Live and recorded lectures can be referred to again and again. Can appear for exams when you feel ready to crack it.


While taking enrollment in an institute, the following facts must be considered

The Institute must possess Affiliation/ Accreditation or honorable Membership of internationally recognized bodies of relevant fields.


For people in Health And Safety Field

In the context of COVID-19 pandemic and multiple accidents in industries, the need for Safety Officers proliferates. New modified UK based courses should be affiliated by,

British Safety Council (BSC) 

Royal Society For Prevention Of Accidents(ROSPA) 

Universal Authentication Framework (UAF)

International Organisation For Standardization (ISO)

The Institute should provide fire safety courses of various levels having the aim to provide training for the students to strategize policies for Improving workplace safety. It should make them more aware and competent in creating a healthy and safe environment. 


Consider lockdowns as an opportunity to furnish your skill. Invest your time to make you more competent in your field. Prepare yourself For Survival Of Job from massive layoff or cutting in salary.


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