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Ken Institute of Executive Learning is a leading online platform providing top-notch health and safety training courses and industry-focused programs, all taught by world-class instructors. We offer a unique learning experience for working professionals, utilizing cutting-edge technology and industry expertise. Our courses empower individuals, making them highly skilled and competent professionals. Our health and safety training courses, led by industry experts with over 30 years of experience, enjoy high recognition among HR professionals, government bodies, and industry experts. Our certifications equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective performance, enabling them to meet current and future industry demands. Professionals across diverse sectors enhance their skillsets through our executive programs, aligning with evolving industry needs.

Join us for a transformative learning journey that unlocks your potential and advances your career.

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We understand the time limitations of working professionals and hence our E-infrastructure has been designed in such a way that provides completely uninterrupted learning from anywhere anytime.

We arrange 2 hours’ live webinar once a week for interactive learning which students can avail from anywhere. 

Students get access to LMS (Learning Management System) which is easy to browse through desktop, laptop, or mobile. In case students miss attaining live sessions he/she can attain downloadable recorded lectures. the flexible features of Ken Institute and mobile learning gives 24/7 access to online learning and 100% downloadable copyrighted materials such as  recorded sessions, extended notes, weekly quizzes, weekly discussion forum, PPT, Case studies, etc.

For appearing in the assessment process students get the option of “Online Examination” with the facility of selecting flexible hours and dates.

Ken Institute is highly committed to providing a completely flexible and professional-oriented learning platform for higher education.

KEN Institute is neither a university or a college. Ken institute is an independent body which is being granted permission to autonomously award certificates. Example of few such autonomous institutes which are not a university or a college under any university is IIM – Indian Institute of Management, IIT – Indian Institute of Technology and NIT – National Institute of Technology.

As per the statutory compliances only regular universities are authorized to issue degrees. The autonomous institutes like Ken Institute are being granted permission to autonomously award certificates through online mode.

Ken Institute has an HO in Hyderabad, Telangana (India). The representatives and Channel associates of Ken Institute are available in 23 different countries which includes the Middle East (Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc), European countries, African countries, and Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka, etc.)

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In the world, Ken Institute is the only platform where students get placement facility from the date of enrolment. During a complete course tenure, students come across all jobs opening from all around the world. Ken institute has a placement forum where every week more than 25+ job openings from different countries are published. Students can apply for suitable openings with the help of Ken’s team.

 Even though the fee structure of Ken Institute is extremely economical in comparison to any other international institute, Ken Institute provides up to 75% scholarship on 80% courses. The percentage of the scholarship depends upon the past academic credentials and relevant work experience of the candidate.

An installment provision helps learners to clear their dues in small portions every month without any additional charges.

We proudly say that Ken Institute provides 100% free education to physically challenged candidates.

The education which Ken Institute provides doesn’t involve the traditional methods of study such as mugging up theories. The learning elements involve live sessions which can be attained through mobile or laptop if time permits. While staying offshore students can download the recording of the live sessions and extra notes to study during the time of no internet access.

Weekly learning cycle involves elements like discussion forum, case study, Knowledge forum, weekly quizzes and weekly assignments that can be accessed anytime anywhere.

If time permits students can actively participate in forums or else can enjoy the inputs shared by the faculties on a day-to-day basis.

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