“EHS – Train the Trainer (TTT)”



Course Overview

Course Description

  • •Students who complete the “Train-the-Trainer” program are prepared to give occupational safety and health training sessions in their workplace with the necessary knowledge and abilities.
  • •The course covers the prerequisites for training programs, which include comprehending rules and regulations.
  • •Guides how to design training programs that are both impactful and tailored to the needs of the organization.
  • •This article provides information on how to give safety and health training using successful presentation approaches.
  • •This comprehensive guide covers all of the important safety and health principles that trainers need to know in detail.
  • •The purpose of the program is to equip participants with the necessary tools to educate their coworkers or staff members about safety and health procedures.
  • •This training program incorporates industry standards and best practices for conducting educational and entertaining programs.
  • •The intended goal is to enhance the competence and self-assurance of trainers during the delivery of safety and health instructions.

  • •EHS Managers: Experts entrusted with supervising and controlling the safety, health, and environmental aspects of their company.
  • •Safety Trainers: Those in charge of creating and executing employee safety training programs.
  • •Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) coordinators are those who plan and carry out workplace EHS programs.
  • •Specialists in occupational health and safety: experts in locating and reducing risks at work and advancing the health and welfare of employees.

  • •Designed for those with a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in the safety sector.
  • •Demands a diploma in a safety-related field as a prerequisite.
  • •This program is designed for professionals who want to improve their safety-related abilities and knowledge.

  • •70 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in an online format.
  • •Examinees have 90 minutes to finish the test.
  • •The curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects that are relevant to the course or certification.

This course boasts prestigious accreditations and memberships, reflecting its global recognition and high standards:

  • Accreditations:
    • •Full Accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC – UK)
    • •Full Accreditation from the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE – USA)
    • •Approved Learning Partner of the International Board of Safety Professionals (IBSP – UK)
  • Course Accreditations:
    • •Accredited by the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM – UK)
  • International Institutional Memberships:
    • •British Safety Council (BSC – UK)
    • •The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA – UK)
    • •Institute of Engineers India (IEI)
    • •National Safety Council India (NSCI)

16 Learning Hours

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