Postgraduate Program in Health, Safety and Environment Management



Course Overview

Course Description

  • •The Post Graduate Program in Health, Safety, and Environment Management aims to develop professionals who can implement successful strategies in various industries.
  • •It offers comprehensive education and training in the management aspects of health, safety, and environmental practices.
  • •A thorough examination of fundamental subjects such as risk assessment, safety management programs, environmental laws, and occupational health procedures.
  • •Possibilities to specialize in sustainability management, industrial hygiene, emergency response planning, and environmental impact assessment.
  • •Graduates of this program are equipped for leadership positions in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and energy sectors.
  • •Among the possible jobs for which they could apply are safety managers, environmental consultants, compliance officers, and risk analysts.
  • •The curriculum ensures high-quality education and improves graduates’ marketability because it is recognized internationally and accredited by pertinent accrediting bodies.

  • •Aspire for higher education and environmental, health, and safety management training.
  • •Possess undergraduate degrees or other appropriate credentials in relevant domains, such as environmental science, engineering, occupational health, or related fields.
  • •Aim for professional advancement and leadership positions in sectors like manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and energy.
  • •Are passionate about advancing health management techniques, environmental sustainability, and workplace safety.

  • •Candidates must pass an equivalent exam or have a degree (level 7 qualification) in a relevant discipline.
  • •The degree must have a minimum cumulative score of 50 % or higher.
  • •It ought to be acquired from a degree-granting organization with official recognition.
  • •Tertiary (postsecondary) degrees from institutions following the traditional four-year bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • •To get admitted, candidates must have at least five years of experience in occupational health and safety.

  • •The duration of the online written exam is 4.30 hours.
  • •There are 30 descriptive questions and 70 objective questions in the test.
  • •A 2500-word project report is required within 60 days, following the completion of the written test.

This course boasts prestigious accreditations and memberships, reflecting its global recognition and high standards:

  • Accreditations:
    • •Full Accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC – UK)
    • •Full Accreditation from the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE – USA)
    • •Approved Learning Partner of the International Board of Safety Professionals (IBSP – UK)
  • Course Accreditations:
    • •Accredited by the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM – UK)
  • International Institutional Memberships:
    • •British Safety Council (BSC – UK)
    • •The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA – UK)
    • •Institute of Engineers India (IEI)
    • •National Safety Council India (NSCI)

  • • Health and Safety Management System
  • • Hazard identification, Risk Evaluation and Emergency Planning
  • • Loss Causation Analysis and Investigation of Loss Causing Events
  • • Factors Influencing Health and Safety Management System
  • • Occupational Health and Hygiene Hazards and Controls
  • • Evaluation and Control of Hazardous Substances & Waste Management.
  • • Workplace Equipment and Machinery, Safe Material Handling Practices.
  • • Safe Workplace Principles.
  • • Construction Safety and Associated Hazards
  • • Electrical Safety and Safe Work Practices On High Potential Systems
  • • Fire and Explosion Hazards & Fire Risk Assessment
  • • Ergonomics and Manual Handling
  • • Radiation and Temperature
  • • Occupational Effects of Noise and Vibration
  • • Chemical Safety, Storage and Handling of Dangerous Substance